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The importance of rule testing cannot be overstated. Business rules are at the very heart of key decisions that operate your business and it is imperative that these business rules be thoroughly tested prior to production deployment. IBM Operational Decision Manager is a magnificent tool; however, if it has an Achilles' heel, it would be in this area.


At RuleScape, we've built complementary tools to IBM's Operational Decision Manager to effectively shield this Achilles' heel. Our tools enable your business users and IT staff to easily handle not only the most complex of domain models, but also accommodate the inevitable refactoring entailed by evolution of the business object model or performance tuning.

RuleScape DVSBoost
RuleScape DVSBatch
RuleScape R-Unit



DVSBoost is an Excel add-in which complements DVS by providing a number of critical capabilities:

  • Sophisticated refactoring support

  • Management of existing DVS assets

  • Navigation and viewing of complete scenarios and data dependencies

  • Validation of scenario input data


DVSBoost unlocks the full promise and potential of DVS. With DVSBoost, your business users can truly take control of rule validation.


RuleScape DVSBoost Evaluation



DVSBatch extends ODM Rule Designer to provide you the capability to:

  • Run multiple DVS scenario files in batch mode

  • Specify the set of rules that are the focus of your testing and detect which of these rules are not tested in any of your test suites

  • Extensively log inputs, outputs and exceptions

  • Generate an Excel Test Coverage report that provides critical insights into the test execution


DVSBatch is an accelerator that is bundled as an Excel plug-in. On demand, it generates the custom Java projects to run your DVS test suites and generate the coverage report.



R-Unit is a JUnit based test framework for rules. It provides hooks for a developer familiar with JUnit to intuitively start testing rules.


Packaged as an Eclipse plug-in, it extends the Rule Designer to provide you the capability to:

  • Execute rulesets from JUnit tests and apply test assertions on rule results

  • Extensively log inputs, outputs and exceptions

  • Capture inputs and outputs as XML or JSON

  • Generate an Excel coverage report


The plug-in generates custom Java projects that get your IT staff up and running with rule testing in no time.

Need more information? Contact us to schedule a demo or request a free evaluation.

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