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If you are looking to have your business rule development work done externally, our Implementation Services are here for you.


Overcome your resource constraints or meet your aggressive timeline by leveraging our skilled resources for Turnkey Project Implementation of your entire rule application.  


Use our Migration Services to go through a one-time migration effort to upgrade your application from any version of JRules/ODM to the current version.

Turnkey Project Implementation


When you use our Turnkey Project Implementation, we  assume full responsibility for the development and deployment of your decision service using Operational Decision Manager.


We will initially work with your enterprise architecture team and business stakeholders to define the scope of the project, the interfaces for the decision service and other non-functional requirements. Our project plan will then lay out well defined iterations, with clear deliverables, for the implementation of the project.


During each iteration, we will work with your business analysts and domain experts to elicit and analyze rules and use our resourses to develop and unit test the rules while continually validating the execution results with your business domain experts. At the end of each iteration, we will present the deliverables in a Playback.


Depending on the number of rules that need to be developed, we can advantageously involve our offshore resources to lower the cost of development. 


We can do the development on a time and material basis or a fixed-price basis, as it suits you.



Use our Migration Services to upgrade your rule application to the latest version of ODM. 


We have undertaken numerous migrations, and have developed a library of scripts and tools that we can bring to bear for your application migration. Avoid the unforeseen perils of undertaking migration on your own and let us help you with it.


If you have multiple rule applications to be migrated, we can do them all or simple do one of them and provide you the tools and documentation for you to migrate the rest.


We can do the development on a time and material basis or a fixed-price basis, as it suits you.

Not quite what you are looking for? Check our Enablement Services and Advisory Services.

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