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While on occasion we’ve been called the Jedi Masters of Business Rules, we humbly like to think of ourselves as a pragmatic bunch of decision scientists with decades of experience and deep expertise in the field of decision management. With our roots in Artificial Intelligence and Decision Sciences, we are passionate about good decision making.


And we are passionate about helping you reach your goals. We use our specialized knowhow in the space of business rule management, and our mastery of IBM’s Operational Decision Management (ODM, previously ILOG JRules) tooling to implement decision services.


We are dedicated to providing the highest quality work with a single-minded focus on your success.


Our mission is to help you automate your knowledge-intensive business decisions. We will leverage our depth of expertise to provide you with true guidance and mentorship, in addition to high quality deliverables. We are focused on your success and your satisfaction. We will help you win by making better operational decisions -- faster, and smarter.


Our core values are at the very heart of why we excel, and why you can count on us to be a trusted partner.

  • Openness

  • Integrity

  • Focus on Client Success

  • Drive / Commitment to Excellence


Over decades of building applications using Business Rules technology, we have seen the immense value it has added to organizations across all sorts of industries. We have consistently delivered on the promise of Business Rule technology of rapid application development and empowering business users to update business rules at the speed of business change.


However, we often saw other teams falling short of delivering this. We saw delays, cost overruns and worst of all, downright ugly implementations that fell way short of being business-friendly or agile. We noticed this not only with novice customer implementations, but also with implementations by large consulting organizations.


We asked ourselves – how are we able to deliver where others falter? We found that with lack of expertise in the technology or lack of tool mastery, projects are prone to expensive missteps. But there was more…these were necessary, but not sufficient, ingredients. What is the magic sauce that when used with these ingredients produces the sweet aroma of success? We know it involves deep analytical skills and business-friendly interactions, but we believe there are more intangibles that go into this. What we have seen is that we have this magic sauce - we apply it each and every time. We started RuleScape as our way to spread it as much as we can and to build successful Business Rule applications.


Do you need help in navigating this space and determining if Business Rules technology is right for your organization? We can help you with that. On the other hand, you may already know that it is, and just need help with the implementation. Well, that is our forte. We will help make the best use of Business Rules technology. We will spare absolutely no efforts and apply every bit of our expertise to guarantee your success – that is our promise!


We are closely aligned with IBM’s agile methodology based on open source Agile Business Rule Development (ABRD). The Agile Business Rule Development presents a pragmatic approach to the development of a Business Rule Application using Rule Engine and Business Rule Management System technology such as IBM Operational Decision Manager, ILOG Rules, Drools or any other Rule engine and BRMS on the market. This methodology supports the rule governance process description, and the architecture disciplines to deploy a Business Rule Engine into a Service Oriented Architecture and Business Process Management System.


ABRD supports an iterative approach to rule development. As described here, the methodology supports the full rule lifecycle, from discovery to governance by using an 'agile', iterative approach. Rules are developed incrementally, in multiple iterations of short time frames.


ABRD brings together software architects, business analysts and developers to gain a shared understanding of how the rule solution addresses the dynamic requirements in an agile manner.








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