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Business Rules Management Systems empower business users to handle complex business policy changes with agility. This greatly increases your organization’s competitiveness and nimbleness.


It is a powerful technology, but for the promise of this technology to be realized, you need to have skilled practitioners. Business Rules technology radically shifts the development paradigm and requires your business and IT stakeholders to rethink the application development cycle. For a novice, there is many a hurdle, ponderous and subtle, that can entirely derail the project.


As you embark on your journey to improve decision making using Operational Decision Management, it is imperative that you build the appropriate skills within your organization. Our Enablement Services are geared to helping you achieve just that.

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RuleScape Jump Start Pilot
Jump Start Pilot


“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” 
― Benjamin Franklin


Our Jump Start Pilot approach builds a tangible reference Operational Decision Management pilot embodying all the relevant best practices. Built over a period of 6 - 12 weeks, the pilot is deployed into your overall solution and delivers a quick ROI.


Aside from serving as a quality reference solution for your future ODM applications, the pilot supplies a platform for mentoring your resources on best practices relating to technical architecture, design and rule elicitation/analysis.


To start with, we will work with your business and IT stakeholders in collating and prioritizing the business decisions and collaboratively determining the scope of the pilot. 


We will work with your enterprise architecture in laying out the overall architecture for the Business Rule Management System. We will work with your business team on the business object model (BOM) and in eliciting rules that drive your decision. We will lay the foundation for for rule development and testing and also the initial rule governance processes.


The Jump Start Pilot is the quickest way for you to gain tangible value from your Operational Decision Management investment while building up your organization's skill set.

RuleScape Customized Training
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Customized Training



Often, the 5-day classroom training offered by IBM Training Partners is neither feasible nor the best way for your organization's resources to gain basic ODM skills. It relies on canned examples and delves on areas that may not be the most pertinent for your organization, and therefore has limited training value. We offer a different approach. We offer relevant, domain-specific training as an add-on to our Jump Start Pilot program or Turnkey Project Implementation.



Interspersed into our Jump Start Pilot program, or immediately following the development of the pilot, we use a judicious combination of classroom presentations and hands-on exercises to educate your IT resources and business stakeholders on the basics of Operational Decision Management. We apply role-based training in the context of of the Jump Start Pilot to train IT developers, rule authors and IT administrators the relevant areas of the Decision Server and the Decision Center.



Not quite what you are looking for? Check our Advisory Services and Implementation Services.

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