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Our Advisory Services provide you the roadmaps and directions to guide you along your Operational Decision Management journey. Advisory Service engagments typically are short engagements where we spend a few days at your location to gain a good understanding of your context, following which we apply our expertise to produce an insightful advisory report.


We offer multiple advisory services. Business Rules Assessment Service determines the suitability of the Business Rule technology for your organization prior to you embarking on your journey. If you already have one or more projects underway, we offer a Health Check Service to monitor the pulse of your rule projects, and provide corrective guidance. Our Rule Governance Service offering creates business processes so that business users and IT staff at your organization can efficiently work together in a synchronized manner. If you are considering upgrading your existing rule application to a newer version of ODM, our Migration Assessment Service can help you chart out the course.

Assessment Service
RuleScape Business Rules Assesment
Business Rules Assessment


Are you considering business rule technology but wondering if it is the right option for your organization? Do you want to get a feel for what the rules solution would look like and how long it will take to build? Our Business Rules Assessment is the service that answers these type of questions.


Over a period of two weeks, we will closely review your business case and existing artifacts and generate an assessment report that:

  • Reviews the organizational readiness and technology fit,

  • Lays out the high level architecture and design for the application,

  • Identifies any risks and possible mitigations,

  • Formulates a high level timeline and development options.


Health Check Service
RuleScape Health Check
Health Check


As is said: "A stitch in time saves nine". Our Health Check service takes a deep dive into your existing Decision Management solutions to identify lurking issues and areas of improvement. We provide concrete, actionable recommendations that will improve the performance and manageability of your rule solution for business as well as IT stakeholders, thereby improving their effectiveness and lowering your licensing costs.


Depending on the size and number of rule applications, Health Check takes from one to three weeks. We produce a Health Report that contains:

  • An Executive Health Card that presents the health of various components at a glance

  • Review of the overall architecture and design

  • Analysis of current pain points, their root causes, and steps to address them

  • Concrete recommendations on applying best practices, design patterns and new tool features to improve performance and maintainability

  • Actionable mitigations to avoid potential pitfalls that can hamper future maintainability of the application

Governance Service
RuleScape Rule Governance
Rule Governance


IBM Operational Decision Management solutions enable management of business logic outside of applications—reducing reliance of business stakeholders on IT and empowering them to create and manage business rules. This empowerment allows you to address shifting business contexts in near real time and improve responsiveness and performance. This empowement also means that you no longer have the same, often strained, relationship between business stakeholders and IT. Processes relating to development and deployment of Operational Decision Management solutions are very different from your standard application development process.


Rule Governance is a critical aspect of a Business Rule Management System. It comprises of the processes, techniques and systematic approach for rule authoring, testing, and deploying rules into day-to-day operations.  It ensures smooth operation among the various stakeholders without stepping on each other's toes.


Over a two week period (typically), we will conduct a series of workshops with all the stakeholders and produce a report which:

  • Evaluates and defines the roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders in the rule application.

  • Determines suitable usage of scripts and ODM components through the lifecycle of a rule application.

  • Creates processes and workflows for rule authoring, rule testing, rule application deployment, rule status management and synchronizing the business cycle with the IT cycle.

  • Evaluate the utility and viability of a Business Rule Center of Excellence.

Not quite what you are looking for? Check our Enablement Services and Implementation Services.

Need more information?

Migration Assessment


As IBM releases new versions of Operational Decision Manager and ends support for older versions, you will eventually need to migrate your decision services to the newer version. Our Migration Assessment helps you determine the optimal path to take for this upgrade.


Over a period of one week, we will closely review existing rule application code and decision services to generate a migration assessment report that:

  • Identifies areas where custom migration tools or scripts are necessary

  • Identifies relevant new tool features that would improve performance and maintainability of the rule application

  • Identifies any migration risks and possible mitigations

  • Outlines a high level timeline and project execution options


RuleScape Migration Assessment Service
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