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Automating Business Decisions.

Faster. Smarter.


As an IBM Business Partner and we do one thing and one thing only – we build world class decision automation systems using IBM’s Operational Decision Manager (IBM ODM, previously ILOG JRules).


We build it faster. We build it smarter!


With decades of experience in decision automation and artificial intelligence, our team of highly qualified consultants possess a unique amalgamation of skills that make us particularly adept at building rule-based systems. Where other vendors need three specialized resources, we can handle through the versatile skills and prowess of a single RuleScape consultant. If your needs are larger, we can leverage our off-shore partner resources to keep your costs low.


We are here to help, and we're so confident in our experience and methodology that we guarantee success! We haven't had a single project where we have not delivered, nor a single client who isn't completely satisfied with us.


Count on us to deliver high quality work with great attention to detail. Count on us to produce twice the work in half the man-hours compared to other solution providers. Count on us for your success!

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